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Resourceful Training: Parts Programming

You head to your training session, all you have is your discus and shot put and your body. There isn’t any weightlifting equipment, there isn’t any coach. You MUST be resourceful. You can’t lose all your gains. You need to figure out the best way to continue your progress during these times of crisis. What the heck can you do?!?!?

Dire Straits

Is it possible to keep your gains rolling? 100%. During 2007 and 2008, I trained under the incredible tutelage of Olympic Champion Dr. Anatoly Bondarchuk. He was the master of being resourceful. One of his first memories in life was being imposed into a 2 year famine in Ukraine by Josef Stalin. That’s some intense stuff! Leave it to him to be able to create some incredible training situations.

Dr. B would create crazy exercises, he would talk about training Soviet Union hammer throwers in bomb shelters, throwing in the snow and being as creative as possible. He consistently told me the secret to coaching. Force adaptation! By analyzing the resources at hand, all the coach needs to do is stimulate the athlete to make some semblance of adaptation.

Here we are today in 2020, fighting a crazy virus that will soon enough have the entire country on lock down. This means every gym is closed and most athletes only have access to their body and their personal implements. In comes the infamous Parts Program.

Soviet Union Parts Programming