Entry Level Training Program 3


Program 3


This program is made to be utilized by individual throwers as well as coaches with athletes who have a range of lifting experience. This is the first of 3 programs to be released each month during the spring season.



Our Entry Level Program is made specifically for throwers who have less than 3 months of lifting experience or are not uncustomed to Olympic lifting. The program will give you some exposure to snatches and cleans while building a strength foundation to start tossing bombs! Also included is a No Weightroom practice program in case you don't always have access to a weightroom (However we strongly suggest getting in a weightroom for all lifting days).



The Entry Level Program is designed to push and strengthen throwers with a range of lifting experience, while giving them all a little exposure to the Olympic lifts. Since some teams do not have access to a weightroom, we included a practice layout with lifting that can all be done at the throwing circles. The strength exercises utilize some light dumbbells and medicine balls, but does not require a weightroom. Although we strongly encourage throwers to lift in a weightroom, the second program will allow a coach to be flexible and still get good strength work in if they do not have access to one.



Entry Level Program:

  • Throws specific warm up
  • Throwing perscription (How many throws and which type of throws to take)
  • 5 day Lifting program
  • Special strength exercises
  • Mobility exercises


No Weightroom Practice Program

  • Complete 2-hour throws practice layout (4 days)
  • Throws specific warm up
  • Number of throws to take
  • Strength program to be done without a weightroom
  • Special strength exercises


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