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Weightlifting 101

  • Learn how to coach the Olympic lifts

  • Snatch, clean, and jerk progressions

  • Programming, variations, and peaking



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What is the Throws U Classroom?

The classroom is a library of informational content that we are compiling to educate ourselves and the rest of the throwing world on how to coach and train more efficiently in the throwing events. We see throws coaching as an unwritten language. There are hundreds of ideas, technical models, and training methods circulating through the world. Whether it is information passed down from generations of coaches and athletes, to videos on the web, or blogs and forums, knowledge is almost always passed by word of mouth.

Throws coaching is an unwritten language, we want to put it on paper



Our goal at Throws University is to compile the most effective technical approaches, training methods, and coaching philosophies and put it on paper. It is important to understand that even as we write down our methods, how we coach is constantly evolving as we learn new information as well. However, by putting the information into a more concrete form, we are not only sharing what we have learned with the rest of the throwing world, but keeping ourselves accountable to the methods that we have found most effective.



Do courses have a subscription attached to them?


No, courses are a one time fee only. However, they do require you to create an account to access.


How do I access the video library now?


By purchasing any course, you will have access to the entire Throws U video library.


Will there be more courses available soon?


We will be coming out with new courses periodically covering a range of subjects all relating to the throws.