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Get an EXCLUSIVE look inside our training system.

Learn the theory behind the development and training of our world-class throwers

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Coaching observation without traveling!

What will you get?

  • Comprehensive training layout for 10 elite athletes

  • Technical goals analysis for each athlete​​

  • Throws and strength programming goals for each athlete

  • Comment section for questions

  • Access to our closed Facebook group

What will you learn?

Our best technical cues

Learn the best technical cues that we use for any situation. Observe how physical movements correlate with verbal cues.

What lifts to use for training

For each athlete, Dane explains which lifts he is using to achieve the best overall result for that specific athlete. Learn which lifts work best for different strength problems and how we work them into the program.

Programming and periodization

Learn how Dane writes programs and focuses on short-term versus long-term development, and how each athlete's training is working into the big picture of periodizing for the season.

Coach to athlete communication

Our athletes use Coaches Corner personally as one method the goals of their programs are conveyed to them. Not only is Dane teaching you, but he is also explaining to the athlete what he wants them to focus on.


Dane Miller

  • Dane has been coaching elite throwers for over 12 years, creating champions at every level including:

    • Two US National Champions​

    • Five World Team Members

    • Six 60m discus throwers

    • 12 All-Americans

    • 15 State Champions

  • Dane is also an established USA Weightlifting coach with countless National Champions and World Team members​

Athlete Profiles:

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Alex Rose.png
Cici Oneykwere.png
Mo Riddick.png
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Example  Profile:

Sam Mattis

Discus: 67.43m

Photo Oct 01, 2 28 43 PM.jpg

Technical Overview

Throws Focus: The main focus of the technical side of Sam’s throws are…

  1. Less torso lean/hip flexion in the middle.

  2. Left arm back past 90 when the left foot grounds at the front.

  3. Low left to the front with upright torso.

Throws Cues: 

  1. Upright torso to the middle when right sweeps.

  2. Left arm holds longer.

  3. Left foot flat, right side rotates forward.

Technical Analysis

Program Overview

Strength Goals for Four Weeks: I want to push Sam slightly during this program. Bumping his weights up a little and seeing if he can push his max double to 280k while snatching 145k and benching 220k. This will lead to impressive development of physical strength that we will pull from later in the year. 

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