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Book Bundle: Cues and Corrections and Kinetic Comprehension

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Get both of our books for a discounted price! Both books complement each other with Kinetic comprehension focusing on the theory and biomechanical approach to movements in the throw while Cues and Corrections provides a more practical and hands on approach.

Cues and Corrections is a practical guide to coaching the shot put spin, glide, and discus throws. We breakdown the technique of each event according to the most common errors we find on a day to day basis while coaching both beginner and elite athletes. For each problem we address, we provide three specific verbal cues that are most effective in fixing the issue. You will find 150 graphics depicting both good and bad positions, as well as in-depth descriptions of why the problems occur and how to approach fixing them.

Kinetic Comprehension is a tool to streamline technical training in the circle. Our technical breakdown of the shot put spin, glide and discus draws directly from the biomechanics of the movement. With the help of movement specialist Dr. John Giacalone, we have broken down every part of the throw at each body part. Each joint action and corresponding active muscle group is specified for each position. Take a look inside to understand the movement of the throws and better your approach to technical training.

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