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On-Site Training

Our Throws Group

We provide high level throws training for athletes who are dedicated to improving themselves and their throw. Onsite training is comprehensive, including both technical throws training in the circle and strength training in the weightroom. All training sessions are group based. We do not provide one on one coaching.


We are located outside of Reading, Pennsylvania at Garage Strength Sports Performance, about 1.5 hours north of Philadelphia.

8832 Allentown Pike

Fleetwood, PA 19522

Who Can join?

Middle School, High School and Collegiate Throwers

If you live in southeast PA or in driving distance of our facility, you may sign up for a membership at Garage Strength starting at $157.00 per month to train with our throws group. Visit or stop in at the gym for more information.

Post-Collegiate Elite Throwers

We are accepting more post-collegiate throwers into our training group. If you are interested in moving to PA and training under Dane Miller along with our world-class throwers, email

We DO NOT accept throwers for individual training sessions UNLESS you are currently training under our Custom Programming subscription. If you are on our custom program, training sessions are $20 per day, or $157 per month in order to train.

For throwers who don't live close enough to our facility for a gym membership, we highly suggest our Custom Programming online training option. You will receive an individualized strength program and weekly technical analysis by Dane Miller. Click below to join our Olympians and national leading throwers who train with our Custom Progams.

Individual Training Sessions

Our yearly summer camp is an opportunity for throwers to come train onsite for those who do not live close enough for a gym membership. Everyone over the age of 12 is welcome to come to our camp and try out what it is like to train like a world-class thrower! Click the link below to find out when our next camp is and to register.

Summer Camp

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