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Throws University was founded in the fall of 2017. One fine Pennsylvania afternoon, Garage Strength and Earth Fed Muscle owner Dane Miller, decided it was time for the throwing community to have an end all be all resource for information regarding all things throwing. Dane approached Garage Strength employee, former University of Toledo throws coach and three time NCAA All-American Trevor Stutzman to discuss the idea and if he found the concept feasible. Over the next 3 weeks, Dane and Trevor bounced ideas off one another and began to lay out their mental concept on digital copy. That is where the outline and layout of Throws U was born. 


Our dream is for Throws University to be a comprehensive hub for throwing knowledge, encompassing every aspect of training that can have a positive impact on throwing results. 


By providing technical analysis, practice guidelines, strength training programs and examples, special strength movements, implement variations, mobility and nutrition recommendations, mental training, and countless other tools to aid in the development of the modern day thrower, Throws U has set out to change the throwing world. 



Dane Miller is the owner of Garage Strength and specializes as a USAW Coach and post-collegiate throws coach. He has worked with athletes at the youth, junior and senior levels boasting the following accomplishments.

  • Strength and Throws Coach for Alex Rose - 2016 Olympian representing Samoa, 2017 World Championships 

  • Throws Coach for Nik Arrhenius - 2017 World Champs qualifier

  • Strength and Throws Coach for Tim Nedow - 2016 Olympian and 2017 World Champs 

  • Strength and Throws Coach for Mo Riddick - Top 10 shot put throw in the World in 2017

  • 10 State Champions in the throws

  • 11 All-Americans in the throws

  • 12 USAW National Champions (Youth, Junior, University, Under 25, Senior Levels)

  • USA Weightlifting coach at two world championships and one Pan American competition

Trevor Stutzman

Trevor coaches the high school throwing club at Garage Strength. He is also the assistant throwing coach to the Garage Strength elite throws team. Trevor is also the throws coach at Kutztown University. Formerly, Trevor was the throws coach at the University of Toledo where he coached Kyesha Neal to earn All-American honorable mention for the first time in school history. In addition, during his two year stint at Toledo, Trevor coached three school records and the three best discus throwers in school history. 

Trevor attended Messiah College where he threw 18 meters in the shot put and collected three Division 3 All-American accolades. 

Dr. John Giacalone

Dr. John Jr received his doctorate of chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport. He holds an additional national license allowing him to perform physical rehabilitation. He is the team doctor for Garage Strength, one of the strongest Olympic Weightlifting teams in the country, and was a former national-level weightlifter himself. 


Dr. John Jr specializes in analyzing movement, prescribing corrective exercise, and treating musculoskeletal injuries. He has had the pleasure of working with some of the best athletes in the world, including USA world team members in the sports of wrestling, weightlifting, javelin, discus, and shot put.

Doctor Hammer

Doctor Hammer has coached 2 men over 73m in the hammer by the time they were 21 and 23 years old. Additionally, he has coached 2 men to top 10 in the world rankings in the weight throw. On the women’s side his furthest pupil went on to throw 65m in the hammer. As a collegiate coach he has had 17 1st team All-Americans in the hammer and weight.


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