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Get throwing based strength training directly on your phone!

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Created by Throwers for Throwers

Peak Strength was created by Throws U founders Dane Miller and Trevor Stutzman to provide easy access to world-class training to athletes of any sport.

Built into the algorithm of the app is strength training designed specifically for throwers, emphasizing strength building and power development to maximize the distance on your throws.

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How Does it Work?

01 Build

The app will build a 10-40 week program specific to your individual needs, getting you to peak strength levels by your selected date.

02 Train

Start training with workouts crafted by world-class coach Dane Miller and access 600+ videos of movement demos and technique instruction.

03 Adapt

The built-in AI will learn from your feedback and workouts to tell you how much weight to put on the bar each set for maximum results.

04 Improve

As you get stronger, the app gets smarter, collecting and analyzing your workout data to ensure you are at peak strength when it matters most.

Track Your Progress

The built-in 1 rep max estimator will let you know how your strength is progression while scaling your workouts to keep challenging you as you get stronger

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Exercise Substitution

If you lack a piece of equipment or are unable to perform an exercise, you can swap out the exercise mid-workout and we will suggest alternatives that will provide a similar result.

Mobility Workouts

Select which part of the body you want to target to improve flexibility or aid recovery, and the app will provide the best movements to perform.

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