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Custom Programming

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Are you looking for the highest quality training possible?

You've come to the right place. We will get you to reach your highest goals.

$119.98 /month

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Purchase a program individually to try out what you could receive new every month!

Each program is built specifically to prepare you for the chosen event. We provide a comprehensive throwing prescription, special strength exercises, and strength training specific to each event. 

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What Is Included?

Throwing Prescription

In each program we will design the number of throws, types of throws, and implement weight that YOU specifically need to make the quickest technical gains. 

Strength Training

We will design your lifting program based around the strength, mobility, and technical weakness that we observe in your throw and certain lift maxes. We will receive this information about you from a questionnaire.

Warm Ups

We use a streamlined approach to warming up that gets you primed to throw with wasting time or energy.

Special Strength

Special strength is our term for drills and strength exercises that correlate directly to the throw. We will add special strength exercises to your program that will specifically target technical improvements we are working on.


Improving mobility is one of the underutilized aspects of training among throwers. Based on your movement in the circle, we will prescribe mobility exercises to correct imbalances.

Technical Analysis

Receive 1 technical analysis per week on your training videos while on the program.

What Does It Take?

Below is the commitment to training that we strongly suggest if you want to achieve all that you are capable of in the sport of throwing. However, we will accommodate those with schedules that do not allow them to train as much and write them accordingly. 


2 - 3


5 - 6


11 - 12

How to Subscribe

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  • Purchase Plan

  • Access Training Portal

  • Fill Out Questionnaire

  • Wait up to 3 business days for us to build your program

*All subscriptions can be canceled at any time from your account page or by contacting us at

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