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Program Details

Workout TIme



Days Per Week

4 Days

Total Duration

12 Weeks


Advanced Difficulty-01.png

Intermediate to Advanced

This program is designed for throwers who have experience lifting, have some familiarity with the snatch and clean, and are able to push themselves to heavy weights.

What Will You Get?

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Weightroom Program

Our strength program will build you incredible strength with exercises and set/rep schemes that we have tested and proven on our national and world-class throwers. The strength programs made up of three blocks which will lead you towards a peak at the end of the 12 weeks for your biggest performance.


Develop explosive power by performing snatch and clean variations designed to transfer directly to the throw while reducing the risk of injury..

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Warm Up Icon-02.png


Each workout is preceded by warm-ups that are designed to prepare your body for training while simultaneously improving mobility. Each exercise correlates specifically to movements you will be performing in the workout.

Special Strength

Special strength is our term for drills and strength exercises that correlate directly to the throw. Discover new exercises that will improve your technique while simultaneously building strength.

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Periodization icon-01.png


The program is designed to get you firing on all cylinders, becoming the most explosive version of yourself. Use this program leading up to a big meet to feel fresh, powerful, and ready to smash a PR.


Finish each workout with mobility exercises to ensure that your are recovering well from training and moving as best as you possibly can in the circle.

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