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Shot Put and Discus

Entry Level Programs


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Entry Level Program

3 months of training!

The Entry Level Program Package combines three unique programs into a 12-week comprehensive training block. The package is set up to correlate seamlessly with the spring track season, making it perfect for high school coaches looking for the best training resource or for throwers who want to prepare for throwing far over the off season.


What Do You Get?

Our pre-built Entry Level Programs are designed for beginner throwers who are getting into lifting or the snatch and clean, throwers who have limited facilities for lifting, or coaches looking for an all-encompassing program perfect for high school teams.

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Throwing Prescription

We tell you what types of throws to take and how many to take, describing what your technical focus should be and the goal of the sessions for each program.

Weightroom Program

The weightroom program includes our best exercises for throwers, including the best rep and set schemes to develop strength and power. We introduce you to the snatch and clean to be ready for more Elite level and collegiate strength training.

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Practice Program

For high school coaches or throwers without access to a weightroom, we provide an ADDITIONAL strength program to build power for throwing with limited equipment right by the circle! We also break down how we structure high school practices.

Exercise Videos

For each exercise we have on the program, there is a link to a video demonstrating exactly how to perform the exercise correctly so you can be confident you are doing it right.

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Much More...

In addition, we also provide warmups, special strength exercises to develop your strength specific to the throw, mobility exercises to help you reach the deepest positions, and a goal tracker to keep you accountable to your what you are setting out to accomplish!

Program 1

You are diving headlong into the world of throws training. The journey ahead will be covered in roadblocks, adversity, and hours upon hours of hard work. But that doesn’t matter to you. The goal is breaking your PR, qualifying for that championship meet, or ultimately winning that big meet! We built this program as a launching point for throwers who have big goals but don’t know where to start. Beware, making those throwing and lifting gains are addicting. Taste those first PR’s and you won’t be able to stop!

Program 2

You’ve already destroyed the first program and are ready to keep making improvements. Program number 2 is the hardest. It will push you in the weightroom and make sore and tired through the program. Be ready to be sore and tired, but also to break through the ceiling with huge strength gains and epiphanies in your technique. This program will test you and refine you into a seasoned thrower.

Program 3

You have been making huge improvements in your strength and throws, breaking your body down and building it back up again over and over again. Now is the point where you will see the reward of your work and your body will come to full realization of the neuromuscular development it has undergone. This program is great for the end of the season where there are a lot of big meets in a row since each week tapers down a bit at the end of the week. Plan your biggest meet for the end of week 4 so you are ready to hit a monster throw when it matters!

Take a look at a sample day of training:

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