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This program is made to be utilized by individual throwers as well as coaches with athletes who have a range of lifting experience. This is the first of 3 programs!

You are diving headlong into the world of throws training. The journey ahead will be covered in roadblocks, adversity, and hours upon hours of hard work. But that doesn’t matter to you. The goal is breaking your PR, qualifying for that championship meet, or ultimately winning that big meet! We built this program as a launching point for throwers who have big goals but don’t know where to start. Beware, making those throwing and lifting gains are addicting. Taste those first PR’s and you won’t be able to stop!


Our Entry Level Program is made specifically for throwers who have less than 3 months of lifting experience or are not unaccustomed to Olympic lifting. The program will give you some exposure to snatches and cleans while building a strength foundation to start tossing bombs! Also included is a No Weightroom practice program in case you don't always have access to a weightroom (However we strongly suggest getting in a weightroom for all lifting days).


The Entry Level Program is designed to push and strengthen throwers with a range of lifting experience, while giving them all a little exposure to the Olympic lifts. Since some teams do not have access to a weightroom, we included a practice layout with lifting that can all be done at the throwing circles. The strength exercises utilize some light dumbbells and medicine balls, but does not require a weightroom. Although we strongly encourage throwers to lift in a weightroom, the second program will allow a coach to be flexible and still get good strength work in if they do not have access to one.


  • Throws specific warm up
  • Throwing prescription (How many throws and which type of throws to take)
  • 5 day Lifting program
  • Special strength exercises
  • Mobility exercises

No Weightroom Practice Program

  • Complete 2-hour throws practice layout (4 days)
  • Throws specific warm up
  • Number of throws to take
  • Strength program to be done without a weightroom
  • Special strength exercises
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