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Online Throws


We will develop you to throw farther and coach the shot put and discus at the highest level


Join our constantly growing list of shot put and discus champions from the middle school, high school, collegiate, professional, and masters levels


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State Champions


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World Team Members

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ACross the Globe

"With this training system you are not left to decipher on your own. Dane made me feel like a top priority even though I train on the other side of the globe. The program goes above and beyond expectations for every aspect of training including what lifts to do and what implements to throw. Regular technique analysis kept me learning and progressing as the months passed. Distance coaching at a high level is possible, and Dane knows how to do it.


Since training with Throws U, I have won the South African National Championship, qualified for World Champs in 2019, and hit a lifelong PR with a throw of 21.51 (70+ feet)."



Throw FArther

What does it take to not only PR your throw but develop into an elite-level thrower?

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Throws Volume

A high number of throws and throw variations with light and heavy implements

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A technical model that you understand and are focused on every throw

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Video Analysis

Watch video of yourself, compare it to elite throwers, and dissect each movement

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Special Strength

Drills and strength exercises that mimic and transfer directly to the throw 

Periodization icon-01.png


A training plan that follows a specific system  designed to get you to throw far when it counts

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Gain explosiveness, stability, and power by mastering the snatch, clean, and jerk

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Raw Strength

Build a strength base that maxes out your body's ability to generate force on the implement

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Improve your movement in the circle and protect yourself from injury

Are you willing to do everything in your power to throw farther?


Are you a coach at the high school or college level? Maybe you are a parent of a thrower interested in learning more?

We have resources that teach the fundamentals of shot put and discus technique, explain what the priorities in throws training are, and how to coach throwers in the weightroom.

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