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Throws U programs layout the throws and lifts that you need to perform to train at the highest possible level and rapidly improve your distances.

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Custom Programming

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Custom programming provides individualized throwing and lifting prescription to throwers looking for the best possible training. 

Elite Training Program

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The elite pre-built programs are released monthly and include throwing prescription, lifting, mobility, and special strength components.

Entry Level Program

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A series of programs built specifically for throwers who are just starting out or new to the Olympic Lifts. This is perfect for a High School throwing program!

Circle Program

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No place to train? Get our newest parts program that takes the entire workout to the throwing circle. All you need is an implement and an hour of motivation to crush this program.

Hammer Strength Program

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The Elite Hammer Strength Program is designed to build strength that is SPECIFIC to the hammer throw. Over three 4-week blocks, your will develop strength, increase power, and work towards a big peak at the end of the program.

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Technical Analysis

Get personalized technical analysis of your shot put or discus throw, including 3 helpful tips to improve your technique. Analyses are posted on Instagram!

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