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Elite Pre-Built Programs

$34.99 /month

Do you feel like you're not reaching your fullest potential?

Take control of your training with our proven throwing and strength program!

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Each program is built specifically to prepare you for the chosen event. We provide a comprehensive throwing prescription, special strength exercises, and strength training specific to each event. 

What Is Included?

Throwing Prescription

In each program we provide the number of throws, types of throws, and implement weight you should throw.

Strength Training

Our strength training is designed to put on muscle mass while simultaneously making you faster. We use the Olympic lifts to develop power, and our periodization scheme will get you in peak shape when it matters.

Warm Ups

We use a streamlined approach to warming up that gets you primed to throw with wasting time or energy.

Special Strength

Special strength is our term for drills and strength exercises that correlate directly to the throw. Discover new exercises that will improve your technique while building strength.


Improving mobility is one of the underutilized aspects of training among throwers. Improve your range of motion and power output with our thrower specific mobility exercises.

Exercise Videos

Every one of our exercises included in our programs has a video linked so that you never have to question if you are doing an exercise properly.

Example Training Day

  • 6 Days of Training

  • Videos of Every Exercise

  • Goals and Notes Sheet

  • Layout and Terms Explanation Sheet

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*All subscriptions can be canceled at any time from your account page or by contacting us at throwsuniversity@gmail.com