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Elite Shot and Disc Training Program - Bench Blow Up

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Bench Blow Up

Pre Season Program 3 (November)

Need to blow up your bench press fast? You are at the right place. This program will hammer your chest and triceps, incorporating some unique bench sets to add massive strength to your presses and finish of the throw. We have had throwers add 30+ lbs to their bench press after doing this program. Get ready to push yourself through grueling sets and go home with a massive tricep burn. In addition, the program will continue to develop your lower body strength and Olympic lifts, incorporating the entire picture together to build big throws.

The Throws U Elite Training Program for shot put and discus throwers is a pre-made program written exactly like the programs we make for our national and world-class throwers, from the high school to post-collegiate level.

The program includes:

  • Individual throwing programs for:
    • Throwers that compete in both shot and disc
    • Throwers that only compete in shot
    • Throwers that only compete in disc
  • The throwing prescription includes:
    • What types of throws to take
    • How many throws to take
    • Which implements to throw (intuitive implement conversion chart included)
  • Lifting program
    • Snatch, clean, jerks and variations
    • General strength lifts
    • Accessory/injury prevention exercises
  • Special Strength exercises
  • Mobility exercises
  • Warm ups for both before lifting and before throwing

The training program is meant to be done 5-6 days per week, and last 4 weeks. The program is periodized for the specific point in the season and training year.

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