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Elite Shot and Disc Training Program - Mobility and Mass

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Mobility and Mass

Indoor Program 2 (January)

Mobility is one of the biggest problems average throwers struggle with. Lack of hip mobility and shoulder mobility prevent throwers from reaching the necessary positions in the circle. This program is aimed at solving that problem and will improve your mobility while building size. Lengthening is strengthening. Muscle mass is gained when the muscle fibers are under tension. The longer they are under tension and the greater range of motion achieved, the greater ability the muscle will have to grow. And guess what? More muscle mass equals greater strength which equals further throws! Don’t neglect the most overlooked aspect of throws training, but use mobility to slap on more lean mass!

The Throws U Elite Training Program for shot put and discus throwers is a pre-made program written exactly like the programs we make for our national and world-class throwers, from the high school to post-collegiate level.

The program includes:

  • Individual throwing programs for:
    • Throwers that compete in both shot and disc
    • Throwers that only compete in shot
    • Throwers that only compete in disc
  • The throwing prescription includes:
    • What types of throws to take
    • How many throws to take
    • Which implements to throw (intuitive implement conversion chart included)
  • Lifting program
    • Snatch, clean, jerks and variations
    • General strength lifts
    • Accessory/injury prevention exercises
  • Special Strength exercises
  • Mobility exercises
  • Warm ups for both before lifting and before throwing

The training program is meant to be done 5-6 days per week, and last 4 weeks. The program is periodized for the specific point in the season and training year.

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