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The BEST Strength Exercise for Shot Put

Shot Put is one of the most explosive events in track and field. To perform at the highest level, these athletes must be technically proficient in the circle, strong as a bull in the weight room, and explosive as a cheetah. Out of all the exercises a thrower can use to help build them to peak performance, this one exercise reigns overall, and today, we will be sharing what that exercise is!

The BEST Exercise!

The Snatch is the one exercise that reigns over all other exercises when building strength for peak performance in the shot put. The snatch is like the Swiss Army Knife of exercise. It is a technical coordination exercise that builds explosiveness, strength, mobility, and coordination.

How Does It Relate to Shot Putting?

Shot Put is a power-based event. Throwers who can generate high levels of power in the shortest amount of time are the athletes who perform the best. They work endlessly to increase their strength and power capabilities so that they can accelerate the implement on the longest path possible to achieve great distances. The best exercise to increase those capabilities outside the circle is with the snatch.

As mentioned, the Snatch has several components that build physical performance, building strength, speed, endurance, mobility, and coordination, components vital to perform at the highest level. There are several commonalities between snatching and shot putting, such as the coordination of the body to execute the movement, moving from and into long ranges of motion, and accelerating loads at high speeds. It's the perfect exercise for any athlete to reach that next level.

I Don't Know How to Snatch?

Don't worry; we have resources that you can use to help implement snatching into your training regimen. Head over to the Garage Strength YouTube page, where Dane will go over snatching and different variations of the lift. For a quick explanation, check out the video linked below!


Snatches are the BEST exercises for developing shot putters, throwers, and overall athletes. It's an exercise that trains all the components needed for high performance in the throwing events.

For further details, check out our video, where Dane talks about snatches and how they help shot throwers!

FIREMEUP - Sam Weeks

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- Dane, Trevor, and Sam

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