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Will This Drill Help Me Throw 17 Meters?

I decided to join the shot putters this weekend as they prepare to open up their indoor season at Penn State. This will be my first shot competition since Powerfest, which was in August of 2023. As I prepare to compete, I wanted to discuss a drill I have implemented into my preparation that has been helping me get accustomed to gliding again!

Goals For Penn State

Process: Unseat my hips out the back and get my left foot to the toeboard.

Performance: Three valid attempts.

Outcome: Throw 17 meters.

The Drill That Will Help Me Reach My Goals

The Leif drill has been the drill that has helped me feel positions driving to the toeboard. Implementing this drill has helped establish the feeling of unseating my hips. For those unfamiliar, unseating is the process of allowing the hips to generate momentum by sitting back towards the toeboard. Unseating is one of the three distinct movements of the glide, with the extension of the left and the push-pull of the right leg being the other two.

Task At Hand

As I get familiar with the glide again, my task is to unseat my hips and drive my left to the toeboard. Unseating my hips will allow me to generate energy out of the back. Once I feel my weight displace past the right foot, I shoot my left foot out, trying to feel my foot wedge into the toeboard. Those two pieces help me feel snappy, which is needed for me to meet my goal of throwing 17 meters.

Training Video

These are recent videos of me implementing the two tasks!


Throwing 17 meters is going to be a big task, but I'm going into the meet with a game plan. Implementing the Leif Drill into my preparation will prepare me to compete and achieve my goals. Head over to Throws University and TEAMFIREMEUP's Instagram pages to get the updates!

Jobs not finished, FIREMEUP - Sam Weeks

"Our aim is to provide concise and concrete education and training on the throws, helping coaches and athletes learn what they need to do to succeed and become champions."

- Dane, Trevor, and Sam

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