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Becoming the Best in the US

You are at a meet, you see one of the best high school throwers in the history of your state dropping huge bombs. It’s incredible, the power, the speed, the precision, the result! Every throw is 5-6 feet further than everyone else. Bombs upon bombs are being dropped in an effortless fashion.

The thought runs through your head… “Can I do that? Is it possible for me to throw that far? Am I able to train my body to move that fast and generate that much power?”

These are thoughts that run through every elite thrower’s mind at some point in their career. Let’s dive deep into the keys behind being the BEST IN THE US!

Dreaming BIG

Athletes forget the early stages of their careers. Coaches often forget how to pull young athletes through the beginning parts of training, to get the newbies to understand that they too are capable of incredible accomplishments.

When elite throwers are in peak form, it’s very easy to think that everything has been easy throughout their career. It’s very simple to step back and look at their movement and feel as though everything they do in life is easy, everything they do in the circle is simple and they have never struggled on their journey. But is that accurate? Is that something that is easy to forget in regards to elite shot putters and discus throwers?

What goes directly into long term development? What are the right exercises? What is the proper mindset? How much of a role do coaching and environment play into the development of elite throwers? How many days a week should a thrower in high school train if they really want to become the best EVER! These questions are hard but let’s learn from one of the best female high school shot putters to ever come out of the state of Pennsylvania, Maria Deaviz!

Establish Purpose

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