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Strength Training App for Throwers

We always hear throwers make comments about really good shot put and discus throwers like, “They’re so big! That’s why they throw far.” “I wish I were that fast in the circle,” or my favorite, “If I had a 315lb bench I could throw that far.”

What I always want to yell at these kids is that YOU can be all of those things and throw far! You can be big, you can be fast, and you can bench 315 as a guy or 185 as a girl. All you need to do is commit to training. Most of the time they are all for it… until the two weeks into the summer. Then they go on vacation for a week, then they have a summer camp, and before you know it they’ve lost the motivation they had during the season to train hard over the off-season.

In fact, in addition to traveling during the summer, we’ve identified 4 key reasons why throwers often fail to train during the off-season and see the incredible improvements their opponents make the next year.

  1. They don’t know what to do in training

  2. They’re not confident in training the right way

  3. They’re not consistent or held accountable to training

  4. They don’t have a good or consistent gym space to train in

We developed the app Peak Strength to make strength training as easy as possible for throwers, and any athlete who wants to reach the next level, but just needs the right resource to help them get there. Whether you struggle with any of the problems above, the app can help you overcome them and provide you with the perfect training program suited to your situation and needs.

What is Peak Strength?

Peak Strength is a mobile app that creates a structured program and leads athletes through workouts designed specifically for their goals. Programs are structured based on the strength training performed by Olympic athletes such as Sam Mattis, Alex Rose, and Yaime Perez, but are scaled to the experience level of the individual athlete.

Users will start by answering a short questionnaire about themselves including their experience level, sport, event, equipment they have access to, and the date they would like to be in peak condition. The app will then generate an individualized program based on the information entered.

When starting the first workout, the app will say exactly what exercise to do, how many reps to perform for each set, and also suggest what weight to put on the bar. The app uses the athlete's 1 rep maxes as well as previous weights lifted to calculate what weight should be performed each set. After each set, the user can give feedback to the app saying how hard the set was and the app will adjust the suggested weight for the next rep accordingly.

For each exercise, there is a video demonstration of the movement and detailed instructions on how to perform the movement correctly. If you don’t want to perform an exercise, there is an option to substitute the lift for another that we would also recommend.

Athletes always have the option to perform extra mobility work to keep the joints healthy and increase flexibility and movement.

How does Peak Strength keep you accountable?

Peak Strength combines workout tracking, performance badges, and notifications to keep athletes on track to reaching their goals.

Every time the athlete lifts, the app with track their progress and update the estimated one-rep max for that exercise, specifically showcasing our designated three most important lifts; the back squat, clean, and bench.

For each workout, the total amount of weight that the athlete lifted is tracked as tonnage, and badges are earned as the athlete's tonnage total stacks up over time. The app also tracks the current workout streak they are on and the total number of workouts completed. At every step of the way, notifications will be sent out to keep the athlete motivated to train and reach new levels.

How does Peak Strength help Throwers?

Peak Strength helps develop throwers by increasing their strength and power levels, enabling them to be faster and more explosive in the circle. The training programs are periodized to get the athlete to be at peak performance levels at the biggest competition of the season.

Too many throwers either follow random powerlifting or bodybuilding strength programs they find on social media or just go into the weightroom and do whatever they feel like doing that day. By following a structured program that is specifically tailored to the needs of throwers, tangible strength gains will be made week over week.

Not only is a structured program provided, but it will push the athlete to continue to lift more weight, optimizing progressive overload and leading to massive strength gains.

How to get started?

Start training now by clicking the button below. You can try Peak Strength for free for 7 days and can cancel at any time without getting charged. Get a few free workouts in and see how you feel! Peak Strength might just be the tool you needed to improve your strength levels and hit massive throws this coming season!

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