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Special Strength for Javelin

One of the most challenging aspects of javelin throw training is that you need to be careful about how many throws you take. In the other throwing events, you can take 30-40 throws a day and your body will be fine. In the javelin, the ease of shoulder, back, and elbow injuries from the impact of the throw and overuse forces athletes to take fewer throws.

With fewer throws to train muscle memory and technique, the use of special strength exercises becomes even more crucial. Special strength is any exercise that mimics the throw, training strength and power, but is not actually throwing the javelin. Medball throws and Nockenballs throws are perfect examples. The advantage of special strength is that you are not only able to work on technique and the movement of the throw without putting excess strain on your elbow or shoulder, but you are also gaining strength by training with heavier implements.

1. Overhead Kneeling Arch and Throw

Overhead movements are crucial to transferring to far javelin throws. The javelin throw requires extreme shoulder mobility and the ability to generate power from an extended back. With the overhead kneeling arch throws, focus on getting as big of an arch in your back as possible, and then unwind like a catapult forward into the throw. Try to blend simultaneous action of flexing the trunk while lurching forward.

2. Standing Plant Throws

All special strength exercises are on a spectrum of how closely they transfer to the actual throw. Taking the kneeling throws further and more specific to the throw are the standing plant throws. In this exercise, you will need to combine what you worked on with the kneeling throws but add a dynamic start and proper mechanics in the lower body.