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How to Stop Throwing Flat (Rotational Shot Put)

The difference between a throw in the shot put that is flat or a throw in the shot put that has a proper angle of release could spark a difference of 2-4 feet. For the last decade or more, we have been working through the problems of throwing flat. For years, we have noticed some consistent problems between the throwers that release a flat shot when compared to throwers that throw with considerably more height. Oftentimes the result changes, not because there is height on the throw but instead because of the technical changes that lead to better elevation! Let’s dive into the main issues behind a flat throw.

What is happening?!?!?!

Troubleshooting technical errors is a unique method and every coach must have a few processes to analyze precisely what is going on. When analyzing a flat finish, it’s important to comprehend what causes a flat finish. To decipher this issue, we have to work backward from the front and see if there are any telltale signs showing us the issues. Once we break down each specific problem that may be causing the flat throw, we can break that throwers code and really start to progress forward.


Throwers love to berate themselves. They love to beat themselves up over poor movement, poor execution, and shorter throws. Sometimes they even think they are BAD people because they aren’t throwing far enough for their liking. We can assure you that having a flat finish does not mean you are a bad person, instead there is a logical aspect that can be improved upon!