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Offseason Blog: Back at it

And we back. After a week of semi-activity following the end of my season, I started up training again. During these early stages of offseason training, the hardest thing for me is always just staying in it mentally. Early offseason training isn't particularly fun--when it's 90 degrees outside every day, the gym doesn't have AC, and you have some pretty high reps in your program. So that's easily been my biggest challenge so far, but I still think I've made some decent improvements in and out of the circle. 

I have a fairly clear idea of what I need to work on this offseason. Technical improvements, and strength gains. The same as last year, and the same as the 4 years before that. USA's is very late in the year in 2019, so we have a nice long period of time to improve in all aspects and not have to worry about competing. For 5 months. And then another 4 months after that. Sick. This far out, it seems the best thing to do is just to try to stay focused on the small details of training, because the scope of the forthcoming season is so large and distant that it seems non-existent. 

 In terms of technical progress, we're currently working on my left leg sweep into the middle, holding a grounded finish, and using my right arm more at the finish. We're working a lot of delayed reverse throws, and if you ever feel like frustrating yourself endlessly, try them out. In the weight room, I'm just trying to capitalize on some new mobility improvements to improve squatting strength, and then increasing upper body strength in all facets. It should be a wild ride. 

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