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Confused on Glide Progressions? DO THIS!

Young gliders can get confused by various drills and alternative throws. Should they non-reverse? Should they shuffle throw? Should they just focus on standing throws? These are all fair questions that many gliders bring to the table and wonder.

There has to be some answer behind proper progressions to optimize the overall movement of the glide. There has to be some method behind proper development of a glider. But what are the secrets behind proper long term development? What are those specific movements to utilize?!? Let’s dig into this topic...NOW.

Basics of the Glide

The big keys behind analyzing progressions and choosing the right partial movements to educate a glider on their overall technique is to first think about the glide from a big picture perspective. When the basics of the general movement are understood, then the coach can take that step back and really develop a holistic approach that will work for nearly every single glider.

Starting with the finish, it’s important to understand that the final position of the glide should be a bit longer to enable a thrower to rapidly develop force. Rapid force development from a grounded position will lead to a big final position! get to the finish, we have to think about what happens before the final position.

In the middle of the circle, we know the dominant leg and ankle should be flexed along with the hip. The non-dominant arm should start to open just prior to the non-dominant leg grounding and the non-dominant foot should be close to the concrete just before the finish.

Out of the back of the circle, ideally the glider will have a dynamic position as they commence the throw. They should have a strong drop to get to a flat foot, the hips will drop and the non-dominant foot will hold low to the concrete. As the glider drops out of the back, they ideally will hold a flat foot on the dominant side UNTIL the non-dominant side PASSES the midway point of the circle.

This is the basic understanding of the throw from FINISH to the start. So where do we begin with the drills?!?!