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Do Shot Putters Need a Monster Stand?

We have all heard of monster standing throws. Recently, Joe Kovacs even mentioned seeing Ryan Crouser take standing throws close to 21 meters while Joe has thrown well over 20 meters with his standing throws. The question pops into every single shot putter on the planet.

Do I need a big stand? Would my standing throw scare off my competition in warm-ups? Would my standing throw finally get people to like me more? Ok, maybe that last question is a bit of a reach, but let’s dive into whether a monster standing throw is absolutely necessary!

What is Needed?

It’s important to get a quick grasp of standing throws. For starters, what is absolutely necessary to execute a BIG stand? It’s easy to say we want a big standing throw but it’s important to actually have a firm comprehension behind what it takes to throw freaking far with a standing throw.

With both the glide and the rotational technique, the principle elements remain the same! There has to be a rapid rate of force production, there must be a grounded finish to optimize the period of acceleration and there absolutely needs to be a transfer of the movement to the full throw!

1. Rapid Rate of Force Development

The period to accelerate the shot is very short with the standing throw. This means to throw it FAR from a stand, the thrower needs to be WIRED and able to apply and coordinate at a very high rate. To do this, the shot putter needs to be mobile, explosive, and strong. Coaches can develop this quality by varying the weight of the implement and having very specific cues to enable the body to recruit as rapidly as possible.