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How to Stand Throw Properly

You have seen your competition taking massive standing throws in warm-ups. The intimidation sinks in, the distance is as far as your full competitive throws. When it’s all said and done, they have you beaten already from a mental perspective. A big stand, a mind game, and some intensity in warm-ups puts you back into your non-competitive state! But what can you do? Is there some way to get out of this funk and warm up with the big guns?

Technique Rules

Oftentimes we forget that even the simplest movements in throwing require quite a bit of technical involvement. By recognizing the technical precision needed for big throws, we can start to see that even standing throws and half turns require quite a bit of technical thought!

While traveling and coaching at various world championship level competitions, I have taken pages upon pages of notes. I have studied standing throws in warm-ups. I have developed charts showing a standing throw to full throw ratio and even studied how MANY stands world-class throwers take in competition. By doing this research, I have been able to narrow this simple movement to three key elements.

It’s important to recognize that taking a standing throw is not as easy as just walking into the circle and smashing. First, we need to ask ourselves...what the heck is the purpose of the standing throw? Is it to intimidate our opponents? Is it to blast out of the circle and talk about how far it is? Or is it simply a dynamic warm-up to feel technical positions that you are trying to find in the circle that will transfer to your full throws?