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How to Throw Discus Like a Pro!

Throwing the discus can be incredibly hard. Throwers struggle with a starting point. Should they focus on advanced concepts or should they focus on the beginner details? This can create paralysis by analysis and lead to a giant struggle in just getting started toward their goals!

What can be done? Is there a simple yet advanced approach that can be taken to work toward elite-level discus throwing? Are there tried and true practices that many coaches have already used to achieve greatness in various levels of throwers? Let’s dig deep into this topic and discover some of the keys needed to strive toward big picture goals!

Basic Principles

Coaches struggle to even lay out their meta-movement goals! What does that mean? What is the ultimate movement, what is the ideal goal from a technical perspective?!?! Most coaches don’t inform and educate their athletes on the best possible technique to achieve while describing how they will engineer a long, winding road to achieve that meta-movement.

When the big picture movement is described and detailed through proper education for the specific thrower, the coach needs to establish what TYPE of movement they are working towards. At ThrowsU, we like our throwers to think about the movement as a side-by-side movement pattern. This means the right side and left side work slightly differently. When discus throwers can achieve a side-by-side feeling, they start to achieve incredible positions of tension.

As the thrower comprehends the side-by-side movement, they start to comprehend how one side AROUND the other side can enhance rotational forces. In the rotational discus technique, the goal for all throwers should be to OPTIMIZE rotational energy. Having a WIDE right leg (for right-handed throwers) around the left leg, followed by a wider left leg around the right side in the middle and finally, a wide right side that goes around the TRANSFER leg ultimately creates and harnesses optimal rotational energy!