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4 Best Strength Exercises for Discus

What’s the quick fix to lead to a monster bomb in the discus? What is something that every single athlete and thrower can do to improve their distance thrown in this event? Are there some hidden gems that can really boost the length thrown for huge PR’s?!?! This question piques the interest of many coaches AND athletes in the world of throwing.

These questions are tremendous and a great jumping off point for truly learning the sport and the event behind discus throwing. It leads to more questions regarding the precise movement in the circle, the precise coordination and the positions that need to be strengthened and improved upon to enhance the overall results. Where should we start when diving into this topic?!?!

What actually happens?

We know that there will be a ton of forces generated, there will be very deep positions that must be hit and very steep joint angles that must be trained. There will be rotational forces and positions that must be mastered through technical precision. From a very broad picture, it’s incredibly important to acknowledge that throwing the discus comes down to recruiting motor units and coordinating as RAPIDLY as possible within the 8 foot circle. Rapid coordination with precise technical control leads to the biggest throws!

In a simple ranking, the throwing of the discus is all about:

  1. Who can coordinate the fastest...

  2. Who has the best technique to be able to coordinate the fastest in optimal positions...

  3. Who can control the power developed in the throw at the finish to enable the energy to optimally transfer into the implement?!?!

When we break down the throw as simply as possible, it enables us to dive deeper into the actual exercises needed to enhance performance. We can look at the throw through the lens of physical attributes needed to throw long. Strength, power and speed can be developed in the weight room, so let’s roll!!!

Exercise #4...The Back Squat