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4 Best Strength Exercises for Shot Put

Your shot putting distance is stuck. You have gained weight, gained strength, you are taking monster standing throws and STILL can’t figure out why the distances thrown aren’t increasing. There is a huge disconnect between the weight room and the circle.

This is a part of the sport. This is frustrating. It seems like there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel that will get you to the promised land of PR’s! What the heck can you do? Are there specific exercises for the shot put that you could be doing that you can add to your arsenal? Are there specific movements that will trigger that huge PR?!?!

What is needed?

During the shot put, a lot happens from a physiological perspective in a very short period of time. In a matter of seconds, there is literally THOUSANDS of pounds of force being generated to apply to the implement. This shows us that a few things are needed to generate a lot of force rapidly. There needs to be a general idea of technical understanding FOLLOWED by a development of speed and strength which then leads to power. The athlete that can apply the most effective amount of power into the implement in the shortest period of time will likely throw the longest!

In a simple ranking, the throwing of the shot put is all about:

  1. Who can coordinate the fastest...

  2. Who has the best technique to be able to coordinate the fastest in optimal positions...

  3. Who can control the power developed in the throw at the finish to enable the energy to optimally transfer into the implement?!?!

We know that technique is imperative. Many coaches also know that strength can have a positive impact on athletes holding technical positions. When the simplicity of the throw is uncovered, it helps coaches and athletes be more aware of specific aspects that will dramatically improve their output.

Exercise #4...The Bench Press