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Top 6 Male Shot Putters of All Time

Breaking down the top male shot putters of all time is always a fun debate. There are many different questions that come to mind. Is it about the distance thrown? Is it about the overall medal haul that certain throwers bring home? Is it about consistency over time? These questions have to be answered when covering the topics of the best shot putters of all time.

There needs to be some semblance of criteria established. It can’t be a random list of throwers based on popularity. It can’t be a list of who has the best celebration, it has to be a list that encompasses every single possible aspect behind the sport...and that’s precisely what we did with our comprehensive list of the Top 6 Male shot putters of all time!

Gives Us the Equation

We sat down and banged our heads against the wall to come up with various different ideas and finally came to a few key necessities. The final formula factored in how well individuals competed, how well they handled adversity, how much of an impact they had on the sport, what did they do from a historical perspective...all of these concepts were put together for a simple formula that looked like this:

  1. Olympic Medals (total)

  2. World Championship Medals (Indoor and Outdoor with more weight going toward outdoors)

  3. World Records

  4. Historical SIGNIFICANCE

We also decided on a few other key factors. If an athlete was busted in for PED usage, they would be hit with a negative and if they were smacked with two bans, they were banned from competing on our list. Sorry, we don’t support sauceheads.

#6 All-Time...Werner Gunthor