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What is the Shot Swing?

Special strength has been defined and processed for the world of throwing. It’s a detailed idea that can carry over tremendously to MASSIVE results in the circle. But this begs the question...what are the specifics?!!?! What are the exercises? How easy are they to set up?

There are plenty of movements the throwing community has seen. Throwing dumbbells, rotating with medicine balls, twisting with plates, all movements that can be analyzed through the lens of special strength. Creativity can go a LONG way in connecting the weight room with the circle and that’s where many coaches get stuck. Want to find out the BEST special strength exercise for serious gains?!?! Let’s dive deep into the topic.

Say It Again...

Before we go deep into the movement that could BLOW UP your performance in the circle, let’s actually regroup and recognize the key principles behind special strength. To do that, we need to define what special strength actually is and how it can impact training in general.

Special strength is based around movements that emulate the actual competitive throws of the discus, shot put and hammer throw. Not only do the movements mimic the actual competitive movement, the speed and RATE of coordination also closely resemble the coordination process of the competitive movement. This is where the carryover and bridging of the weight room to the circle comes into play. Let’s use the classic example with the shot put.

A fast bench press might be done at about 1-1.5 meters per second. A typical execution of shot putting will be done around 13 meters per second. That leaves a large canyon between the bench press and the shot put. However, if we can bring in a movement like a dumbbell half turn that is executed at 8-10 meters per second, now we have a movement and a coordination speed that can dramatically improve the output from training! That is the key behind special strength.

Give Me Those (Knowledge) BOMBS!