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How Many Throws Per Session?

Going to practice without a purpose. You head out to the circle, you just want to throw and throw and throw. After 2.5 hours of ripping bombs, you are fatigued and start to question yourself. How many throws did I just take? After some simple math, you come up with the notion that you just pushed out over 65 throws in a session. This sparks the question, “Is this really optimal for my training?”

How many throws should I be taking in a session?

Understand the Situation

When it comes to throwing, every thrower and their coach need to take a step back and realize their individual situation. Throws per session can be a complicated topic, especially when an athlete can dominate two or three different events. As the planning period is established, there needs to be a priority event that is backed up by a secondary event. When these events are laid out in advance, there becomes an easier way to analyze and establish throws per session!

Reps Upon Reps

Throwers love getting lost in their training. They go outside and the sun is beaming down on them, they play mental games, visualizing their last throw at the Olympics, dreaming of the emotions that champions like Michelle Carter felt when tossing that big bomb on her sixth throw. But there comes a point of diminishing returns. There is a point when too many throws can have a negative impact on performance and overall general feeling.

To comprehend the number of reps needed during a session, the athlete and coach should establish technical goals and analyze how well the athlete does with technical cues vs. simple reps. Do they take time to establish a rhythm and a feeling or can they get into the groove almost immediately? These are questions that need to be answered!

Situation #1: One Primary Event