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Special Strength Exercises During Championship Season

As we approach the championship season for the on-site athletes, the need to implement exercises specific to throwing is critical. Special strength exercises are exercises that mimic the strength demands and movement patterns of a specific event. This week's blog will discuss the special strength exercises I have implemented with the on-site athletes in preparation for championship season!

Time of Year

As previously mentioned, we are approaching the championship season for the on-site athletes. Our training went from general, focusing on building strength capabilities, to specific, focusing on applying the newfound strength levels to power.

For my coaches out there, it's always important to work from general to specific (simple to complex). That approach can be applied in the circle and the weight room. It's a great tool for teaching athletes the movements needed to be successful.

Special Strength Exercises

Med Ball Puts

Med Ball Puts are an easy exercise to work on specific movement patterns of the finish for the shot put. Here, I emphasize allowing the lower body to lead the throw by turning in the direction of the throw. The upper body will follow the lower body, squaring up to the direction of the throw, with the strike to follow. There should be intent with the finish!

Banded Explosive Push Up

Banded Explosive Push Up is an exercise that I have paired with Pad Bench. This exercise helped me throw 16.81 meters at Penn State two weeks ago. The goal is to use the assistance from the band to explode up. When airborne, I want to see the hands extend like the flick of the shot!

Supine Med Ball Chest Pass

Supine Med Ball Chest Pass is another great exercise to build upper body power. Have the athlete start on their backs with their arms extended up. Once the ball is dropped, the athlete will catch it, decelerating and rapidly extending the med ball back to the partner's hands.

Step Up Jumps

Step Up Jumps are great plyometric exercises that allow the athlete to feel dynamic. I also implemented these exercises when training for Penn State. As a glider, this exercise is great for feeling the legs extend as you drive off the ground. Leg drive is an important part of the glide technique. This exercise is great for feeling that.

Plate Twists

One of my favorite core exercises. When implementing these exercises, I recommend working with a moderate weight so the athlete can focus on the quality of movement. The athlete will turn with the plate, moving it from high point to high point. This exercise is good for rotational development.


Special strength exercises are exercises that mimic the strength demands and movement patterns of a specific event. When implementing special strength exercises, work from general to specific. When implementing these special strength exercises, refer to the time of year, with general exercises being early in the season and specific exercises being later in the season.

Jobs not finished, FIREMEUP - Sam

"Our aim is to provide concise and concrete education and training on the throws, helping coaches and athletes learn what they need to do to succeed and become champions."

- Dane, Trevor, and Sam

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Thank you for another excellent training program. I must say, the Supine Med Ball Chest Pass looks terrifying! The guy on the floor has to defend himself or else!

Mike Winch (of England) used to be able to do a push up that got his body up to about 45 degrees. At just under 6 feet tall, he was one of the most explosive shot putters of all time.

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