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Dorsiflexion of the Sweep Leg

You have heard the term “dorsiflexion” in various ThrowsU technical analysis. Not sure what it means, when it happens or even WHY it has to happen, you have ignored the principle. Curiosity has continuously piqued your interest in the topic, you scour the internet looking for a sweet article on the benefits of a dorsiflexed leg in the shot put spin or discus. Your search results fail you and the question remains unanswered...until now.

Understanding the Global Movement

As we work through this article, we will be speaking about the action of the dominant side of throwers as they work around the non-dominant leg. From here moving forward, we will refer to the leg as the right leg around the left leg and discuss the action of attaining and achieving a dorsiflexed leg. The big principles to consider initially are quite basic.

  1. The right side moves around the left side.

  2. The left side moves around the right side through the middle.

  3. The right moves around the left side on the finish.

It is simply that simple. There is no need to dive into 6-10 different positions. Remember, it’s the back/middle/front broken down into sides of the throw.

Once a thrower is able to think in SIDES (right and left), it sparks a technical AHA moment where all cues seem to click. Remember our discussion on Prime Movers in relation to sides. If the right side is rotating around the left side, the right side is the prime mover. If the left side is moving around the right side, the left side is the prime mover. If the left side is holding the finish, the right side is the prime mover. Now, let’s roll with this technical epiphany and dive into dorsiflexion.