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Five Keys to Coaching

Over the years, we have gotten countless messages from throwers who have recently gotten a new throws coach while also getting contacts from new coaches struggling to make their mark and transition effectively into their new role. This is a difficult issue that many coaches and throwers deal with on a regular basis. Cues can be different, goals can be different from previous coaches and even technical mindset may be different. To lay out a consistent plan for these situations, we have developed the five quick keys that EVERY coach should use to educate their athletes on their system of training.

Establish the technical model being used in every throw!

This can be MUCH easier than coaches realize. When a thrower starts their journey, it is beneficial for them to know what and who they should emulate. There might be specifics of one thrower that you prefer as a coach and perhaps more specifics of another thrower that you like. By providing throwers with specific athletes to watch, you are guiding them down the path of becoming a student of the sport!

Something as simple as this:

Shot Put: Ryan Crouser/Reese Hoffa/Justin Rodhe

Discus: Sandra Perkovic, Robert Harting/Virgilijus Alekna

Hammer: Deanna Price/Yuri Sedych/ Tibor GÉCSEK

Javelin: Jan Zelezny/Tero Pitkamaki/Thomas Rohler

Establish the training model and methods being used throughout the year and the overarching goals!

This is not as clear for throwers but it is still very valuable. How many days a week will you be throwing? How many throws a week total? Are you into powerlifting? Do you like Olympic weightlifting for training? What is the periodization scheme you will be using?

Come up with a simple answer, educate them on the plan and let them ask tons of questions!

Establish the EXPECTATIONS of the athletes/throwers.

This is VERY important for progress of the throwers. How many days are they supposed to throw? Are they measuring their distances? How are they recording them? What nutrition plan should they follow? Should they use a mobility routine? How often should they analyze film? These are all important parts that need to be communicated to everyone on the team!

Establish EXPECTATIONS the throwers should have for you, the coach!

This is even MORE important for athletes. When expectations are established and followed by COACHES, the athlete has a tremendous amount of confidence in their training system and fully buys into the entire program. Coaches that ignore their own expectations or don’t even provide them are coaches that COMMUNICATE POORLY!

Remember, every relationship that is successful has a strong foundation in communication. Let them know how critical you might be, let them know how often you will do a technical analysis, how you will hold them accountable, let them know even when you don’t want to talk with them! These are important parts of developing a strong relationship.

Communicate daily/weekly/monthly goals...ALL THE TIME!

I travel quite a bit for coaching. I pride myself on communicating DAILY, ALL THE TIME, even when I am in another part of the world. I believe it is important to establish lines of communication (text message, voice messenger, WhatsApp, Passenger Pigeon…) and then constantly make sure the communication lines are improving and that no one feels that they are carrying more weight within the relationship.

Fostering a good coach/athlete relationship is difficult. It can be challenging but it can also be fun. As the relationship grows, so too will the throwers results.

If you have any questions or need help on establishing certain models, check this out below!

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Establishing a Technical Model: Pick up a Technical Analysis and we can help.

Establishing a Training Model: Pick up a pre-built program and join our Facebook Group!

Establish Expectations: Ask us on our next AMA on Instagram and we will assist you!

Establishing Coaching Expectations: Same thing! Ask away!

Communication Methods: Email us with questions on how we do it and we will put together a unique video showing all the methods we use to stay in constant contact with our beasts!

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