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Five Keys to Coaching

Over the years, we have gotten countless messages from throwers who have recently gotten a new throws coach while also getting contacts from new coaches struggling to make their mark and transition effectively into their new role. This is a difficult issue that many coaches and throwers deal with on a regular basis. Cues can be different, goals can be different from previous coaches and even technical mindset may be different. To lay out a consistent plan for these situations, we have developed the five quick keys that EVERY coach should use to educate their athletes on their system of training.

Establish the technical model being used in every throw!

This can be MUCH easier than coaches realize. When a thrower starts their journey, it is beneficial for them to know what and who they should emulate. There might be specifics of one thrower that you prefer as a coach and perhaps more specifics of another thrower that you like. By providing throwers with specific athletes to watch, you are guiding them down the path of becoming a student of the sport!

Something as simple as this:

Shot Put: Ryan Crouser/Reese Hoffa/Justin Rodhe

Discus: Sandra Perkovic, Robert Harting/Virgilijus Alekna

Hammer: Deanna Price/Yuri Sedych/ Tibor GÉCSEK

Javelin: Jan Zelezny/Tero Pitkamaki/Thomas Rohler

Establish the training model and methods being used throughout the year and the overarching goals!

This is not as clear for throwers but it is still very valuable. How many days a week will you be throwing? How many throws a week total? Are you into powerlifting? Do you like Olympic weightlifting for training? What is the periodization scheme you will be using?