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Push Press...for Discus?

You have seen the monster lifts from Daniel Stahl. His push presses at 120k like baby weight. You have seen Sam Mattis smash a 190k push press. The “functional” world is claiming, “but why, this has no transfer to the discus!?!?” Is that true? Is that an accurate statement? Find out today why push pressing is done by the best discus throwers in the world!

Understanding Strength Transfer

Take a deep breath. Strength transfer isn’t all about the exact same joint angles. From a physiological perspective, it is important to understand things like Twitch Force (GS blog on it), myofibrillar hypertrophy, intramuscular coordination than actual competitive movement. Strength application to sport will vary from improving general strength to improving technical literacy and explosive strength to direct “special strength.”

Confused? Let’s try this for explanation. Take the back squat for example. Science has shown that using a back squat can increase the potentiation for a vertical jump, thus leading to greater performance in the vertical jump. This is likely due to the ability to recruit higher threshold motor units more effectively, the twitch force or means of recruitment is stronger and more rapid and the overall proprioception and limb control improves in the individual.

This tells us that lifting heavier weights can increase very light load movements.

It is also important to understand that strength adaptations from one lift can carry over to other global movements which in turn can have a greater response on competitive application.