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Throwing While It’s Snowing

Not every high school thrower has the luxury of throwing indoors in a nice, warm, gymnasium. In fact, most high school throwers struggle to get their reps done during the winter season. Maybe it’s too cold, the circle is covered in snow, complacency settles in and just like that, the winter season has passed and most throwers only average one session a week of indoor drills.

How important is throwing outside while it is cold? Is it a make or break for big gains? Does it really tip the scales toward the motivated thrower? How does it transfer to competition?

1. Throwing outside is brutal...but rewarding.

No one ever said throwing outside in 15 degree Fahrenheit weather is overly enjoyable. However, it is something that will mold your athletic personality. It will make you “tough.” It will develop the intangibles to conquer your dreams and when you look back in May and June and you are dropping monster PR’s, the throws sessions in the cold will define who you have become! Don’t worry, there is always a positive effect that makes you feel like Rocky, training outdoors while your opponents are inside napping by the fire.

2. Best way to train for the discus during the winter time...spin outside!

Over the years I have worked with dozens upon dozens of elite discus throwers. One story in particular always comes to mind in regard to discus training. That is the story of Evan Arnott. Evan was the first REAL DEAL discus thrower I coached. He went 195’10 and was skinny and weak! BUT, he knew how to work. During his senior season, the weather was atrocious. It was cold and snowy FOREVER and we were not able to get more than three discus sessions in during the winter. Fortunately for us, Evan was a spinner and we worked on his spin in the shot over and over again. He added 9 feet to his shot put PR just by staying focused on it throughout the winter. But that’s not the only thing, Evan PR’d his discus by 22 feet at his first outdoor meet his senior season...JUST from throwing the shot put throughout the winter. He visualized and worked on his discus movement, training for the even wasn’t optimal but the hard style of work is what defined his senior season.

3. Prepare for the cold and ingrain positive habits to prepa