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Top 3 Special Strength Exercises for the Glide!

“Coach, can I hit up some special strength exercises for my glide”

“Some what?”

“Some special strength exercises to help me drop some monster PR’s in the glide!”

“What are special strength exercises?”

Not sure what special strength exercises are? Unsure on how they could piece into the development of specific throwing patterns? Curious to see if they actually work? Let’s dig deeper into this topic!

Special Strength Exercises

Let’s start right off with where the term stems from. In 2007-2008, I was fortunate enough to train under one of the greatest throws coaches of all time, Dr. Anatoly Bondarchuk. Dr. B used the ideas and principles of special strength, every single day in training. He pioneered this area and experimented OVER and OVER again in training to find unique methods to enhance throwing results!

The secret of special strength is a concept that can dramatically improve throwers movement capacity and ultimately the distance on their throws.

Definition: It is a strength movement that emulates the competitive movement! This is anything that resembles the actual competitive throw while utilizing various forms of resistance.