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Five Feet in Two Weeks

There is a big competition coming around the corner. It’s two weeks out and you know a big gun will be competing right alongside you in the circle. What can you do? Is there any possibility of adding five feet in that short amount of time to build confidence and prepare for the big gun? Find out ONE simple trick to use and add the distance you need!

Technique Rules

The sport of throwing is entirely based around technical prowess. The more consistent you are in your movement, the more precise and calculated you are in specific positions, the faster and more “crisp” your throws will feel. As this feeling improves, so too will your distance improve. To generate a big jump in throwing results, there needs to be a distinct catalyst to bump the results of the competitive movement.

When we glance at the throw from an external perspective, we can understand that throwing is based around speed, strength, and force development. The key becomes how to USE that speed and strength to trigger a trigger for force development. It is well understood that the fastest developing force the FASTEST is the individual who will throw the longest! This is a huge determining factor in performance, it’s not just strength and speed, it is the RATE at which someone creates force.


Thrower A has a 500lb bench press. It takes Thrower A a half-second to generate 405lbs of force during the lift. Thrower B only can bench press 440lbs but Thrower B takes a quarter of a second to generate 405lbs of force. Thrower B has a faster rate of force development and can reach top-end quicker than Thrower A and will likely have a longer throw!

Ok...Cool, WTF Can I do to Increase Rate of Force Development?