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New Balance Nationals

The word is out, there are 12 weeks of preparation before New Balance Nationals occurs. The timing is crazy, many of you are still in quarantine, is it possible to come out and drop a HUGE throw to showcase your talent? Is Nationals actually going to happen? Is 12 weeks a long enough time frame to get some big throws developed? Let’s find out!

12 Weeks Out!

Take a deep breath. You are going to be ok. Stop your panic-stricken reaction. Instead, it’s time to sit down and plan out a sweet approach to preparation for a monster throw at New Balance Nationals. Your training begins now! This is an opportunity to completely take advantage of a monstrous meet that could define who you are, it could define your work ethic and how focused you have been during quarantine.

I know what you are thinking...But dude, what if they get canceled? Ok. What if? What if they get canceled and you don’t get to showcase your hard work? That’s fine! That doesn’t mean your work has gone unnoticed or has been wasted. Follow these tips and you will be in a great position, NO MATTER WHAT!

Technique Approach

Let’s start with technique. Inside of our Ultimate Throwers Assessment, you can learn about the importance of a technical model and the importance of reps. Be sure to pick that up and start utilizing that knowledge as a catalyst toward enhancing your technique. In the meantime, let’s establish some clear keys.

  1. What are you doing out of the back? What do you need to improve (1-2 keys)?

  2. What are you doing in the middle? What do you need to improve (1-2 keys)?

  3. What are you doing at the front? What do you need to improve (1-2 keys)?