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New Balance Nationals

The word is out, there are 12 weeks of preparation before New Balance Nationals occurs. The timing is crazy, many of you are still in quarantine, is it possible to come out and drop a HUGE throw to showcase your talent? Is Nationals actually going to happen? Is 12 weeks a long enough time frame to get some big throws developed? Let’s find out!

12 Weeks Out!

Take a deep breath. You are going to be ok. Stop your panic-stricken reaction. Instead, it’s time to sit down and plan out a sweet approach to preparation for a monster throw at New Balance Nationals. Your training begins now! This is an opportunity to completely take advantage of a monstrous meet that could define who you are, it could define your work ethic and how focused you have been during quarantine.

I know what you are thinking...But dude, what if they get canceled? Ok. What if? What if they get canceled and you don’t get to showcase your hard work? That’s fine! That doesn’t mean your work has gone unnoticed or has been wasted. Follow these tips and you will be in a great position, NO MATTER WHAT!

Technique Approach

Let’s start with technique. Inside of our Ultimate Throwers Assessment, you can learn about the importance of a technical model and the importance of reps. Be sure to pick that up and start utilizing that knowledge as a catalyst toward enhancing your technique. In the meantime, let’s establish some clear keys.

  1. What are you doing out of the back? What do you need to improve (1-2 keys)?

  2. What are you doing in the middle? What do you need to improve (1-2 keys)?

  3. What are you doing at the front? What do you need to improve (1-2 keys)?

Now you have your notes taken down. This is the next step. Purchase a TECHNICAL ANALYSIS from ThrowsU today. Anyone who buys a technical analysis today will get their analysis DELIVERED within 12 hours to spark your training in the right direction! Take notes from the analysis and immediately start working toward the process. Think about it in simple terms:

12 weeks x 5 throws sessions = 60 Total sessions

60 x 30 throws = 1,800 throws!

1,800 throws could see an increase of 2-5 feet!

At least three sessions a week should focus on a technical approach during the first 3 weeks of preparation for New Balance.

But What Implements?

This is easy. We have 12 weeks. Pick a heavy implement to focus on strength and technical movement. It’s very important to remember that heavy implements can help you feel better positions which will then lead to greater speed! Make sure you spend at least 8-12 throws with a competitive implement or an implement that is only slightly lighter during this period.

The implement of choice is easy right now. Get a ton of volume in the throws, make sure you have technical goals, and focus on execution every single day. The second phase of throwing might be more difficult to pick a specific implement but that’s what we are here for. You can either sign up for our Throws Camp in June and we can guide you on the next implement or pick up a Program from us developed specifically for a big bomb at New Balance!

The keys…

  1. Get reps with a heavier implement.

  2. Focus on technique and have 6-8 harder throws with another implement.

  3. Pick a competitive implement to throw secondary or a weight that is JUST under the competitive implement.


Coach, I have no clue what I should do in the weight room. Plus, is 12 weeks really long enough for me to get stronger?

“COACH, I am a thrower! I want to build as many excuses and not push myself in the weight room!”

Some of us think this way, but let’s put a total end to that thought process. For 4-8 weeks, you will make serious neurological improvements. During this time, you will increase strength and intermuscular coordination. What does that mean? That means your muscles will coordinate more effectively and you are going to continue to improve your power output. Spend the next 8 weeks smashing weights on full tilt and then we can set you up for a MONSTROUS peak to New Balance!

Again, pick up that Pre-built program or get on a Custom Program and your dreams will be accomplished by our impeccable planning.

Competition Primers

What can you do for the next twelve weeks to prepare for the competitive edge? The first key is to keep your eyes peeled for internet competitions and any actual in-person competitions. At ThrowsU, we are scrambling as quickly as possible to put together two to three competitions that would occur, even with social distancing in effect. In the meantime, there are plenty of options.

Set Friday’s as your competition day during the week. Learn a routine throughout the week. Train hard and when Thursday comes around, treat it as a 100% technical day, avoid caffeine, and get TONS of sleep. Make sure your Friday training session has a time to start. That start time is your competition time. Prepare for it as though you are competing. Give yourself 5-6 warm-up throws, blast some music and get after it. Rest 4-5 minutes between throws to mimic a competition and learn how to compete! This setup will go a LONG way for your development as an elite thrower.

Social Media Usage

Let’s step into the realm of the worst-case scenario. You bought the Ultimate Throwers Assessment AND you picked our Elite Program to guide you for the next 12 weeks. You completely changed your approach to training, you completely changed your approach to competition. You regularly posted updates on social media, you held your weekly practice competition, your results BLEW UP. Your strength improved dramatically and your maturity has climbed through the roof.

Then the worst-case scenario happens. They cancel New Balance Nationals (hypothetically). You are let down, AGAIN! All for nothing. But was it? Was it really all for nothing?

Absolutely not! This is a great age we live in. Fortunately, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc…) all enable us to post updates and to show the world how hard we are working. This is a massive benefit to show the best coaches in the country what you are striving toward. Keep regular updates and CONSTANTLY think about progressing forward.


Take a step back and take this 12 weeks as a point of preparation. Plan out with an actual structure of how you will go about taking advantage of this incredible opportunity. Layout your throwing and technical focuses, find that ThrowsU Program you need to be a champion and start attacking each day HARDCORE! Document your progress on social media and hit those competitions every Friday. What’s the worse thing that can happen?

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