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Special Strength for Throwing

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Many throwers and throws coaches have heard the usage of the term “special strength.” This is a term that gets thrown around frequently, some individuals understand it’s usage, some individuals don’t. Because the term is peculiar, it sparks an interesting response. Throwers want to know what it is, they want to know how it can help their distances and ultimately their career.

But that is about as far as we make it. No one spends time defining special strength. Instead, the waters remain muddied, the idea remains confusing and the process behind special strength training is foreign. So what the heck is special strength and how can it be applied?

What is it?!?!

Let’s start right off with where the term stems from. In 2007-2008, I was fortunate enough to train under one of the greatest throws coaches of all time, Dr. Anatoly Bondarchuk. Dr. B used the ideas and principles of special strength, every single day in training. He pioneered this area and experimented OVER and OVER again in training to find unique methods to enhance throwing results!

The secret of special strength is a concept that can dramatically improve throwers' movement capacity and ultimately the distance on their throws.

Definition: It is a strength movement that emulates the competitive movement! This is anything that resembles the actual competitive throw while utilizing various forms of resistance.

The main goal is to take the weight room strength being developed and UNITE that strength with the actual competitive exercise.