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The Top 5 Best Lifts for High School Throwers

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

You head over to the weight room, all you can dream about is throwing further and hitting that monstrous throw. The feeling of the shot or disc flying off your hand, the weightlessness, the emotional experience, the power output, everything culminates into one MONSTROUS throw. But how can you get to that point? You are still stuck in the weight room, not sure where you can even start! What can you do?

Purpose of the Weight Room

For starters, I believe it is very important to actually recognize the purpose behind the weight room. The purpose may be different for different throwers. World-class throwers may search for slightly different adaptations in the weight room than a high school thrower. For the purpose of this blog, let’s focus entirely on the high school thrower.

Generally speaking, the weight room should have four main focuses for the high school thrower.

  • General strength gains

  • Muscular coordination

  • Improvement of mobility

  • Dynamic strength gains

There are numerous other benefits that the weight room provides such as injury prevention and enhancing muscle mass but the top four reasons should completely guide the program development. By taking those four reasons, the coach is then able to deduce what FIVE main movements are best for improving the throws performance.

In no particular order, these are the top five main movements we use at Throws University to improve the strength of our high school throwers.

Olympic Lifts

This is definitely a bonus order of lifts. We use Olympic lifts with athletes from the age of 7 all the way through the masters ranks. When we specify Olympic lifts, this would mean anything along these lines: snatch, snatch variations (power snatch/hang snatch/muscle snatch), clean, clean variations (box cleans, power cleans, hang cleans) and then any jerk variations (behind neck jerk, push press, jerk pause in split).

The Olympic lifts should be taught properly, they should be understood clearly and executed with technical precision. If we can think back to our four reasons for using the weight room, the Olympic lifts covers all four of those areas.

We have seen high schoolers dramatically enhance their coordination and strength and mobility and dynamic force just by learning how to implement the Olifts into their throws!