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Benchmark Lifts to Throw 120 Feet (High School Girls Discus)

When it comes to strength training for high school discus, there are a lot of throwers who think they can get away without strength training. They think that because the women's discus is so light, that they only need to work technique to throw far. We've actually heard throwers brag that they can throw far without being strong as if that's a good thing!

Here's the deal. Strength training as a female discus thrower WILL make you throw further. If you can already throw 120 feet without strength training, congratulations, you are talented! But if you put serious work in the weight room and hit the benchmarks that we are about to layout you will be a 150+ discus thrower. Then you will not only be a talented thrower but be on your way to serious college recruitment and maybe even a state title!

The good news is that this line of thinking is getting less and less common, and there are a ton of girls out there getting into the weightroom, crushing lifts, and making tremendous progress in their throws. So what strength numbers should you hit to be able to throw 120ft no question? Read on...

1. The Snatch

Not many high schoolers master the snatch. It is not commonly taught in the weightroom, and we scratch our heads as to why? The snatch transfers to the discus throw in a multitude of ways including thoracic (upper back) mobility, hip m