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Coaches Corner: Comprehending World Class Coaching

For years I wondered how the best coaches in the world handled programming, periodization, and technical work. Over and over again, I would ponder how coaches achieved impressive results, how did they communicate with their best athletes and what was the progression from block to block. Fortunately, I was able to spend time with Dr. Anatoly Bondarchuk, I was able to see how an Olympic champion trained an Olympic medalist and how he developed lower level throwers (Justin Rodhe) into a world-class thrower with pristine technical movement. That year of training gave me an incredible understanding of what programming and technical development actually meant.

These questions still persist. Throughout the past decade, I still want to know what other coaches are doing, I am still interested in seeing their methods of communication AND I want to know how they lay out their programs and provide insight into the direction of planning. As I have slowly grown through the coaching ranks, people are less and less willing to open their ideas and share them. This became a point of contention, a point of frustration and ultimately something that I wanted to change!

At Throws University, we consistently get asked these specific questions:

  1. How do you guys program from block to block for your throwers?

  2. How do you identify technical errors and address them with your throwers?

  3. How do you program differently for different throwers?

  4. What are the top-end strength goals for your throwers?

  5. How many days a week and implements do your throwers use?

  6. How do you educate your throwers on the big picture of training but still get them to focus on day to day execution?

Today, Trevor and I have decided to change the face of elite throws coaching in the US, the world! We have designed Coaches Corner, an interactive platform that enables you to see the back end of world-class programming.

Who is behind Coaches Corner?

It’s a list of our top ten best throwers globally. To get into Coaches Corner, our throwers MUST have achieved one of the following standards.