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Five Keys to Throwing 60ft

The effortless throw, sliding off the fingers, chalk in the air, feeling as though minimal energy has been utilized to release the big throw. Everything felt perfect, everything felt lined up for a reason, and the shot sails just past the 60-foot line. The emotion is fantastic, the energy incredible and the emotional response blissful. What are the absolute keys to achieving this monstrous feeling?!?!

The Coveted Distance

For high school guys, throwing 60 feet is a breakthrough throw. You have entered the upper echelon of high school throws ranks. This is relatively similar to the 45-foot line for high school girls. The mark that very few high school throwers can hit consistently. These are marks that raise the eyes of collegiate coaches and also catch the attention of the opponents! So what are the major keys behind these throws? There are five major points to focus on from a baseline perspective.

1. Throw 4-5 Days a Week

This is a factor that everyone forgets about in regard to throwing. What are we training for? We are training as throwers, therefore we need to throw! This principle is simple yet regularly misunderstood. Imagine a football team not getting on the field and practicing their skill on a regular basis. Imagine Jordan Burroughs not getting on the mat every single day to hone his craft. The best in the world are constantly looking forward and constantly making progress in their specific skill.

Throwing is a skill and it takes time and reps to improve. The more a thrower is able to throw, the more they can improve their technical literacy, the more they can mature as an athlete, this takes time and patience to learn. By throwing regularly and improving movement, the thrower can constantly progress forward and learn the in’s and out’s of throwing excellence.

2. Throw Heavy and Throw Light