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Use THIS Drill for a Better Glide!

Many throwers have engaged with the glide or the spin in their shot put careers. Some individuals may be better suited to spin, other athletes might be better suited to glide. Those that choose the path of the glide need to recognize many of the key parts behind the glide. One of those key spots is based around exiting the back of the circle.

The smoother a glider can get out of the back of the circle, the faster they typically will be through the transition in the middle. The transition is the point in the throw where the glider MUST continue to accelerate and develop even greater speed to carry over into a massive finish. This is one of the key problem areas and it needs to be addressed in training. But HOW can we enhance the transition position?!?!?!

Drills...Are they effective?

Initially, it’s important to discuss whether or not drills are actually effective. If we can define a drill as a movement that emulates the competitive movement through a slow, controlled, precise execution to improve general awareness in the competitive process, we can see there should be some semblance of transfer. By executing drills in conjunction with full speed throwing, the problem area will generally improve over time through countless reps in the circle.

This point should be taken seriously, especially when discussing a problem area of a throw like the transition or middle portion of the throw in the glide. As a coach, it is important to troubleshoot and identify where problem areas may arise with specific throws and have a plan to improve and address those areas for long term development. Within the glide specifically, there is one drill that targets THREE major areas in improving the technical movement.

What is the drill?!?!