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Why Should Throwers Non-Reverse?

You feel like you are absolutely smashing the finish. The shot is flying off the hand, you feel explosive but the shot isn’t going anywhere and you are falling all over the place on the reverse. There has to be something that needs to be fixed. There has to be some area of improvement that could take place to transfer directly to the throw? Is there a drill that will enable you to feel the front of the circle from the full throw? Let’s dissect the movement of the non-reverse spin!

Jumping All Over

For years, throwers have been taught to jump through their throws. As the spinner rotates out of the back, they are taught to jump to the middle. Sweep the right leg high and elevate through zero support! This position is then taught again on the finish. Coaches for years have taught spinners to JUMP from the pad when the left leg grounds in the power position.

Rotate and JUMP. That’s the most effective way to develop force as rapidly as possible...right? Not really.

These same coaches will use non-reverse throws to teach throwers a long finish leading to a movement confusion! The thrower then struggles to connect the two feelings. They have a grounded finish on the non-reverse with a great connection to the shot but they struggle to unite that feeling with the full throw. Their jumpy finish does not resemble their non-reverse and the feelings are opposite from one another.

This leads to a weird physical confusion that prevents long term development of a rotationally grounded movement.

What the HECK is a Non-Reverse?